April 19, 2011

what's that beeping?

oh gee whiz. what a great family photo.

also! i have found the picture that describes that state i (and maybe you too) get into where/when i just get caught up in doing it and forget what it is, or to keep track of its context. that is a great webcomic, that ol' hyperbole and a half (thanks, carrot vixen).

i had one of those days that got sucked up by child and house. circles, go.

have moved onto a whole new set of onesies, discarding a pile of tiny clothe for some that can only just be categorized as 'small'. this may have been the highlight of my day until i read the new hyperbole comic, just now. or maybe it was the salmon salad on toast i had today. the turmeric taste was really coming into its own. ah, second-day food - how your taste is richer.

i am definitely boring. the queen is going to bed and i think i'll join him. the peanut is already down. good night.

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