April 6, 2011

media that i'm into at the moment

when we were in austin, we found a great bookstore that also sold vinyl. i picked up this great album by john mayall for only two bucks. think sesame street, white-person blues. i've been playing it all day, and am inspired by the harmonica on "don't waste my time". the peanut seems to enjoy it too. it's good "staring off into space and occasionally farting" music, apparently.

evil pleasure: justified. i take small comfort in the fact that it's based on an elmore leonard novel (though i've not read any of his books). since our US visit, the queen and i are hooked on shows set in the southern states, and this one delivers the sexy accent, the hillbillies and the general "we still run our own show, thank you very much mr president" attitude.

the show, via its awesome choice in theme songs, turned me onto this beautiful piece. ah, the genius of mixing bluegrass with hip hop. need some bass to cut all that twang, know what i'm sayin?

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