April 13, 2011

peanut update

ah yes, the child.

curently growing out of onesies while remaining paradoxically tiny. exciting signs of evolution include frequent smiling, the beginnings of pouts and reproachful looks, more food intake and longer sleeps at night (sometimes). now outweighs the cat.

also, she makes noises. i didn't realise there was a difference between "goo" and "bbbthff". she has evolved to the former. it's very exciting because she has this shy, "are we conversing? is this right? hi there, come here often?" sort of look while she tries out her new sounds.

this love is terrifying.
i love her so much i grit my teeth smiling;

this love is ferocious.
i growl and shelter her with my body
from the least noise.

this love is new.
i love her without a first date,
or any testing.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful, thanks.

    Made me think of this excerpt from a lovely birth story:


    When all the busy-ness of the birth died down and we finally got a quiet moment alone hours later, I looked at her and thought: "Love is awful."

    I assumed this time I would be a little tougher. Instead, I found myself wondering why on earth I agreed to carve out yet a third chunk of my heart and put it in this fragile bird frame.