April 11, 2011

layers of bacon

just got back from peanut's first road trip - out to visit the awesomes.

mr awesome has been working at the butcher's shop, and brings home amazingly fresh, amazingly local meat. the logical outcome to this is us eating bacon every day. one day we ate it twice. although it was very tasty, i think i might skip bacon for a few days now. we discussed making a bacon cake: start with meatloaf, but make an icing with bacon grease and maple syrup. of course, layers of bacon in the loaf are also called for.

a little bird was visiting the awesomes, so everything that came out of the kitchen was lovely and amazing, not just the bacon (can you really call bacon 'lovely' anyway? "that was some lovely bacon. i really don't remember the last time i had bacon so lovely." not so much). one breakfast, besides bacon, we had poached eggs on buckwheat with white sauce. yeah. i never would have thought of it either. buckwheat is tasty. kind of a nutty flavour. bacon bacon bacon (sorry).

there was also music-playing, though in truth i shied away from the creativity that everyone else got wrapped up in. i'm still recuperating, and i realised this weekend that i crave and need some down time to do so. i've been really focused on getting back to life; so much so that i've ignored my own pace. i was/am worried that i would 'take too long' and leave the queen holding down the fort, when he's already done so much. i wish i didn't operate so much from a "is this okay?" space. i hadn't seen it in a while, and hoped i'd kicked that lousy habit.

we caught some good wildlife on the 1200km round trip. troops of deer, of course. also, a lone coyote in a field and some travelling geese. some say it's the first robin, but i always see spring's arrival in the return of geese and RVs. and laundry out on the line, which we have.

hey poetry - thanks for the package! we didn't yet have a baby towel, and the pink monster hood suits the peanut's "just out of the bath" disposition!

tired. must watch movie.

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