April 5, 2011

legumes and witticisms...

babies teach you all about delayed gratification. not the "raise someone til they become independant then see how you (and society, and the kid themselves) did" kind of delay. (who says that leads to gratification anyway?) i'm learning the "just checked the mail and got an exciting package that i can't open because so-and-so is hungry" kind of delay. moving to a small town helps convince me that there's nothing that can't wait, really. except the hungry baby. you know that thing about how parents learn to decipher the different cries of their babies? i think the "i'm hungry" cry has more fury. the "pay attention to me, you selfish fucker" cry is more plaintive. the "i'm trying to move a log out" cry is kind of confused and grunty, succinctly summed up with "wtf?"


we had a somewhat useless morning. the queen went out to the farm to move the bus, but hank wouldn't start. he had intended to leave the peanut with his folks, but they weren't home. so the peanut met trooper instead (large farm dog. friendly, which is a good thing. an unfriendly trooper would be a force to be reckoned with). then we went into the nearby bigger town (really it's a city, but to me a city has decent skyline) to get some bloodwork done, only to discover as we turned into the parking lot that i should have fasted.

me: *&?%&? dr xx didn't say a word about that! look, it's just written all tiny in the corner!
the queen: yeah, actually he did say something about it.
me: oh.

way to cockblock my shifting the blame, queenie (healing still going well, btw).

looks like we're heading to the next province over to visit the awesomes in a few days. they have yet to meet the peanut. i'm looking forward to it. they're family.

well, we're going if the queen finishes suffering at the hands of his vehicles. the latest update is that he got the car to run again (after spending most of yesterday at the wreckers getting the part out of another car and then installing it in ours), and today discovered the part he had replaced needs fiddling with, because it leaks gas. oops. he then promptly got a flat on the other car. i think saturn is in his car house or something.

am i boring now? i feel bored. i'm still getting to the place where i can do more than just the dishes, laundry and baby-tending, both energetically and time-wise. i want to write the book i haven't read, but can't even begin to muster the enthusiasm. even being inspired takes effort, i guess.

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