April 30, 2011

things i think of at five in the morning

we've been visiting (most notably with the awesomes) and i've noticed how children huddle around the peanut like she's a shining pot of gold or something. i was never that kid - i was totally indifferent (bordering on slightly nervous) when it came to drooling little droolmasters. does this make me less maternal? who cares!

of course, now i have to trust my baby with all these eager kidlets, some of whom just like to tell you they know to support a baby's waify little neck. well let me tell you kids - IT'S NOT LIKE YOUR DOLLS. okay. right.

at the farm for easter, the queen's dad was playing the card game "go fish" with myself, the queen, a niece and a nephew. there's some kind of family tradition where he loses everytime, yet calls himself the best player. i sat next to him and caught on to his method: he stockpiles all his pairs instead of laying them down, so that he is more likely to have whatever card the kids ask him for. scam! i'm onto you, grandpa queen. i used to play "go fish" with my mom's friend, and there was one memorable incident (i think i was in the five to seven region).

him: do you have a five?
me: yes (grudgingly hands it over)
him: thanks! (puts it in his hand) your turn!
me: wait! you have to put your pair down!
him: what pair?
me: your pair of fives!
him: i don't have a pair of fives.
me: well why did you ask me for a five then??!! (quite upset by this point)
him: well if i had a five, what would i want with your five?


when the awesomes were here this week, we drove over to a local dam with some decent (for prairie province) cliffs. the wind was too cool to have the picnic we had hastily planned, but we did get to chase some geese off the road on the way there (by 'chase' i mean stop until they got up from THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD where they were sitting, and lazily flew away).

two irrational fears i have: meningitis and baby theft. look, she's really cute, okay? but the meningitis thing i think i can start deprogramming myself on. for some reason, i listened to folklore that suggested the symptoms were flu-like, then a stiff neck, then ON THE THIRD DAY YOU'RE DEAD. but as it turns out, symptoms are somewhat serious enough that a person would notice.

oh good.

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