January 8, 2011

whoda thunk not having a life would feel so good.

well, even if i wasn't in nesting mode, the blowing snow warning and blizzardy conditions covering two provinces would probably drive me inside anyway.

it's nice to have a home to retreat into. i organized my sewing (not as good as actually sewing anything, but hey - i reintroduced myself), baked more banana bread, and have plans for chili, cornbread and a bath in my fresh clean bathroom later today. maybe while listening to glenn gould play bach, which the queen has on vinyl, which is yet another reason he is the queen.

the queen's parents popped by today and i think i made quite the impression. "your son? no, he went to saskatchewan for the weekend (to visit the awesomes). i was just out shovelling the walk at eight months pregnant. cup of tea?" he's going to get an earful from his mom about leaving me alone. it's funny, because i want to tell her that as much as i have missed him (daily bouts of moroseness around eight pm have brought me to tears two days in a row. pregnancy or dependency? the polls are open), i quite enjoy time to myself and i was also quite enjoying shovelling the walk. i think time apart is vital for any relationship, but especially one that is under more pressure than usual. baby-in-a-crockpot pressure definitely counts.

my parents are coming down tomorrow, roads permitting, and the queen is returning home as well. tonight is my last chance to do loud things at two in the morning when i cannot sleep. there is something so satisfying about rattling around in the kitchen while the town sleeps.

wow, i am so boring. wanna hear about my turning-the-baby exercises? no? how about my pissed off cat? shocking. you people are clearly far too busy. sit down and listen to me pour on about things that only matter to me, and only for the next month. come on. this is what life is all about.

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