January 23, 2011

over the top

we just did way too much for a weekend in the big city.

- outdoor costumed hippie handfasting: check. skipped dinner, came to reception. belly was felt. discovered someone else is pregnant. bride was hot, groom looked dazed.
- visited wife and surveyed damages to leaky gnome home. walls are soft. living room ceiling is bowed. rain in the dining room. wife is clinging quite well to sanity, i'm impressed. she has moved down the street (and in with the good witch, whom i cat-sat for back here. it is a short-term move, and she is searching for a home to call her own.
- visited another single mom friend of ours; a wonderful, sardonic, very intelligent and quite sexy woman with two kids under seven. she brought us to an industrial show downtown, which was an incredible experience for a short while and then i had to go. we slept at her place, she came home a little later. i found it amusing to crowd-watch. who is there enjoying themselves, who is depressed and wanting attention, and who is there because they just can't be anywhere else; they were pretty much born into the industrial scene...
- went for breakfast with this friend and her two kids at my favourite diner, where after the first cup of coffee, you go for the pot to refill (and dose up the other folks who look like they need a refill, since you're up). it was a lovely gong show.
- picked up books and food at various places that are now labeled "only in the big city". mmm, italian centre. ran into two more friends, watched an almost-fist-fight break out in chinatown, discovered another friend is pregnant (don't drink the water).
- visited field in bloom, checked out his new painting, used his shower, napped in his bed, drank his cider. his home is called the shore, and it was definitely that for us.
- went for dinner at the home of friends of the queen's: they cooked up an amazing array of food; i stuffed myself happily and didn't even get heartburn. these are the moments to be cherished. mmm, asparagus.
- went to a downtempo show, watched live music and swayed gently to house, electronica and other sweet rhythms. stayed until one in the morning, which made me feel all young and crazy. we stayed with the queen's friends, and he even stayed up later, but i crashed out pretty quickly after we got back. only so much young and crazy i can do now that getting out of bed is a four-step process.
- had coffee with my mom, and accepted her many, many gifts. wow. handmade receiving blankets and baby washcloths, gorgeously sewn blankets made by my mom's husband (the queen looked so impressed i think he might actually fight with the cat over who gets a couple of the really soft ones). also, a lovely giftie from my sis - baby toiletries. genius.
- visited the queen's brother's family. by this time we were pretty wiped out. i think we trailed off in conversation. got more baby stuff, including the tiniest pair of hand-knit slippers in the world.
- drove home through horrible highway conditions (you know it's bad when you see a semi-truck in the ditch) to discover a plaintive, living cat. yay, just as we left her.

god i missed our home. and our bed. this is way too much to do over a weekend. i am going to sleep all week now. sleep and eat. yes.

ps. the baby likes downtempo more than industrial, and electronic music more than live music.

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  1. Thanks so much for coming. Your presence was appreciated, I wish for
    more time. I could comment on every entry but this one pertains to me somewhat. Love you, your perspectives, your grumbles and your discoveries. Didn't get to pet a cat today, but there is one in the alley where I am staying. Pretty sure it's in heat and am thankful humans don't yell like that when they are in heat or I'd have to get some industrial earplugs.