January 5, 2011

some things are upside down.

two chunks of news.

one is homeish: settling in nicely, starting to make large batches of food and freezing it. so far, a good spicy turkey soup (which we ate so much of because of the cold we both had that only one tupperware made it into the freezer) and a nice pasta sauce. plans are at work for a salsa and a chili. the queen cut up some steaks and froze them as well. we're planning to use the dehydrator and making our own jerky (jerky is one of those pesky things that seem to have gluten in the store brands all the time). the rooms are shaping up, though still have far to go. the cat has an updated license and has begun to venture outside. it's nice to have an outdoor cat again - she was going crazy and bringing us with her.

the second chunk of news is baby-related: the little gymnast, though having been head-down at the last midwife visit, has turned into the breech position. this sucks, as in alberta, it means a probable c-section under the care of an ob-gyn. my midwives will still be able to be present at the "birth", and i am allowed to try and birth the baby vaginally, but the ob-gyn calls the shots. i am disappointed, but it's still early enough (35 weeks) to retain hope; try and get the baby to turn on its own. i have a plethora of homework to do, including moxibustion, swimming, laying with my hips up to convince the baby that's where up is (which i was doing a lot on the bustrip and not since we got of the bus, so hopefully starting that up again will do the trick) and visiting a chiropractor to make sure my hips are open enough and comfortable for the baby to hang out in. our option if that doesn't work is to go to the hospital and try and get the baby turned by a doctor, which presents a small risk of damage to the baby but less than the risks associated with a c-section. first thing first, off to have an ultrasound and confirm the head's up.

the midwife says i don't have the biggest uterus, but it's still big enough that the baby could turn around easily. so all is not lost. i would really like to birth the baby at home. we have been collecting all the goodies required and i have been reading the hypnobirthing book and getting really excited. so this is a bit of a blow, but i am focusing on the options available to us. stay tuned to see how the baby decides to birth.

in other news, i walked around town today (experiencing a bit of a chinook) and noticed some cute small town things. one, the bar is called the zoo, and its tag line is something about the local wildlife. har har. also, they're advertising an ac/dc tribute night - in november. right on. must've been really great.

two, the post office is attached to the senior's centre. what a genius idea.

anyway, off to put my feet up and talk to the baby about somersaults.

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