July 31, 2010

garbled transmissions:

first, my newest favourite AND a great e.e. cummings bit here. ah, the glory of a new wonderful webcomic.

i came home from work early today; got the dizzies: disturbing. drank lots of water and went to bed. ate salad. drank more water. did a few light things. read more from red mars, which i finally started (after staring at it on my "reading" shelf for months and months). i feel better but still not great. happily, tomorrow is my day off, so i can go for a walk in the river valley, and maybe make those cookies i've been promising myself all week.

the queen is out of town, visiting the family and such. it's been interesting to have him gone and me not be in a state of chaos, for whatever reason. gee, what do i do with my time? as it turns out, get slightly depressed. oh, the freedom.

olive, of course, has been much more affectionate with her major rival in affections and bed space being conveniently absent, although this is still her outside season, so the cuddle sessions are intense, but brief.

i feel a sense of peace having moved into a place i pay rent. i can call it mine like i haven't been able to since i moved out of gnome home 1 to housesit. i can put some things in my own storage basement. i can collect my nerdy old mysteries out of boxes and display them. one roommate has moved in (scarlett is definitely her moniker). she seems friendly, high-spirited, a breath of prairie fresh air. the main roommate of the house is still out of town; part of a building team putting up a strawbale cabin. she came back in and cleaned a bunch of stuff up, which made it feel less like living in a broken museum and more like a place i wanted to help keep clean.

anyway, i really just wanted to share the webcomic, and kind of dredged my brain for useless info to fill out the rest of the post. happy weekend to those of you in the weekend world.

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