November 24, 2009

brief interlude

the place i am house-sitting doesn't have internet. also; i have felt rushed. thus, the longest lapse in time from one entry to the next since i started the blog.

as is usually the case in long absences, i am not sure what to say. so much has passed and already become insignificant that i am left with no news. living outside the city core is strange. 78% peaceful, 22% creepy. such a strange action has freed me from many expectations i had about myself. if she does this, who knows what she might do next?

i still work at a used bookstore, so my days involve smelly old books (those are the ones we turn down, not the ones we put on the shelves), endearingly eclectic customers, late hours and spoiled, perfect cats.

i am making a visitation to the gnomes, and hilarity ensues. there is more life in the world than on the page; surprising! but here is an amazing book i have recently chewed through. since i have no internet and no instant neighbours, i spend a lot of time reading and cooking. the cooking is helpful in saving money i don't have. "when there is money, buy books. if there is any money left, buy food." i don't remember who said it or if i've quoted it correctly. but i've remembered it for years.

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