July 22, 2010

a wandering drum

it's a good day. listening to my "gems" playlist (songs i stumble over while ploughing the field of music that i want to keep track of but am not sure how. once a song reaches ten plays, it gets put on another list (these playlists are exhaustive and based on artists, moods, actions, common themes, genres...) and/or deleted from the gems list. i find this a good way to keep track of needles in the haystack of itunes/my memory. also, it allows me to built intricate trees of playlists (none of which don't quite fit the moment, allowing me to start yet another). in reality, i haven't been very active in my nerdy music-land since i began house-sitting in november. and i don't feel called there now. but i do miss listening to my music. eight hours of music at work has tipped the scales in favour of silence after work.

also. i have an accordion! eee! it's a bass 120 "camillo", which near as i can discover is a kind of acordion made by guerrini for a canadian company in the sixties and maybe seventies. i am learning these keys (as well as the piano ones on the other end) and can haltingly, with long pauses, play "mary had a little lamb". it's very exciting.

i am settling into gnome home three. slowly. i ventured into the kitchen the other day.

it's odd moving into a house where lots has gone down and everyone's gone. it's a weird feeling. not displacement, but something akin to watching a movie where the character stumble blindly toward something you yourself can see, except actually you aren't watching the scene, you're just looking at the empty set afterward. the tipped over glass, the soiled napkin, the open door.

piecing together the story, as we've done for centuries - how we boost our success hunting by being able to "tell the story" of the tracks in the snow; deduce what has happened and where to go next. not just in hunting; forensic science (except forensic science is probably slower. not like the well-funded, lightning-quick labs with sexy, well-dressed scientists on late-night tv).

put humpty dumpty back together again. there is that draw. to solve, resolve.

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