July 12, 2010

whoops, forgot i left the blog so long. usually the happier i am, the less often i write. this is something i want to change.

so i've been happy. the queen and i had a deep and meaningful make-up to our deep and epic fight. it was a sad fight, but i think we pulled something good out of it. for me, i am happy that i was able to share my anger and hurt without bailing entirely. usually i'm kind of an all or nothing person, insofar that i accept, accept, accept until i break and then i'm gone. so it was good to rise to the occasion and defend the kind of relationship i want to have, while not tossing away the relationship in front of me. we sorted out the trauma, and then spoke to the underlying causes of the stress that led to the fight. we sorted out what we each needed.

and then the relationship in front of me took definitive steps in a lovely direction.

other tidbits: work has been busy and fulfilling. had supper with my parents and the queen last night and was rewarded with a pretty pleasant evening. currently listening to harry belafonte. moved four houses down, from one side of the gnome complex to the other. my new room has two windows that meet at the corner. they provide a view of a lot of trees, and the cobbled-together shed in the backyard of the frat house, which we have dubbed so because it is usually rented to a bunch of university students who do things like make a snowman in the front yard and give it a coke bottle full of cigarette butts as a nose.

i am listening to the rain. i heard a pigeon's flight today and it sounded beautiful.

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