July 25, 2010

subtlety, eggs and ham

my first day off since moving in that i was able to spend at home. quite by accident, too. the original plans were to go out to the folks' place, an hour out of town, for my mom's husband's fiftieth birthday. i wanted to go with the queen, but he had to work again on his only day off. my sis helped me plan another ride, but then other people's plans changed and suddenly they showed up at my place two hours early. two very important hours early, that i was spending finalizing an annual report thingie that had to be delivered tomorrow for the non-profit i volunteer with. specifically, i needed to finish the thing and send it for the quickest approval period in the world (24 hours) before i delivered it to interested parties. they had worked on the majority of it with me, so i wasn't feeling too bad about leaving it late, but i did feel strongly that i needed to give them at least a token amount of time to register any feedback. and the party wasn't going to return me until after six this evening. i really needed to get it done.

which meant i couldn't go. so i scrambled and got the food and card i was going to bring, sent them off with my sis, tucked the bathrobe back around me and went back to work. one of three moments a year where i wish i drove. so often it has no impact on my life. today it did.

given the freedom of time, however, i finished the report and caught up on that orgainzation's email. i cleaned and tidied, finished small tasks, retrieved almost all of the last of my stuff from the good witch's house, and am now less behind on my walrus reading. one of those days where the tasks are all little and accomplishing them feels immensely satisfying. i think it's all in the details, somehow. when i feel happy about the tiny bits of lace-edges in life, that's when i feel the most... well, harmonious, i guess.

another non-book i read today: the original radioscripts for the hitchiker's guide. they were great. there are characters in the radio that never show up in any other format. also, marvin gets some good airplay. he has great one-liners (that link leads to book quotes, but you get the idea).

food: berries, specifically. little farm strawberries that remind you grocery strawberries are more straw than berry, because these are the real thing: melt in your mouth succulent love. wild saskatoons, tart and tiny. blueberries til you can't blueberry no more, with cream and just by the mouthful. bring it on.

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