February 26, 2010

damn, that's some sap - is it maple?

last night, i felt restless. after watching a wonderful and depressing canadian movie with lovely company, i went walking.

as i walked, time passed. i walked, i walked and walked. i thought about forgiveness, and the loss that love doesn't erase. i thought briefly about whatever end, and then about all the stuff i want to do in the meantime. about how, when i erase the false reasons for doing, i end up with the same idea of free will and some energy to burn. the candle is already lit - what will i shed some light on?

sitting, loving, being cheesy. dah duh DUH, these are some epic times. whoa, show that sappy canadian spirit (um, no, i don't mean the olympics) here and here (it was really hard to find a not-terrible video for that song. oh youtube, so sad) and, in a complete about-face, here (that's right, i'm unpredictable)!

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