February 12, 2010

guess how delicious i am?

i am so delicious that i have moved the laptop into the bathtub area of the master bedroom, set up the 'tender' playlist, lit candles, opened a nice bottle of red and started to run a bath with forest-scented bath oil in it. i am so delicious, i feel like writing myself a love letter.

dear self,

you are so ... dammit, oh woman, words cannot be used to bring your beauty to life. keep on keeping on, you slim tower of strength with your arm in the maw of the tiger; you delectable creature of earth with the grace of the highest mountain dancing in your neck and shoulders; you burning star paradoxically holding the darkest oceanic depths in your blood; you.

i light a candle for you, for all of us, and for you again.

your self

i would not have gotten to this place if it were not for other people loving me. yet, there are many people who are loved by other people who still cannot bring themselves to be-their-own-loved. so, though i could not have done this without you, i did it on my own.

thanks, everybody. thanks, me.

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  1. and as i laid in the bath worrying that i was being selfish, i remembered that enjoyment is a fundamental right. when i got out of the bath, my roommate brought me gluten-free indian food. life is grand. thanks for the body.