March 2, 2010

changes, subtle and gross

the full moon has been good to me.

working on the "main drag" during the olympic hockey game proved amusing and slightly frightful. i have never seen so many men with silly grins on their faces. grown men weeping, men in tights, men wearing flags, sidewalk-beer-drinkers high-fiving the cars that were driving by honking. the whole avenue basically exploded for an hour as everyone toured drunkenly around, then returned to the bars for more serious celebrating. after my shift ended, i snuck out to the gnome home to wait out the storm. when i went back to the dog house three hours later, there were three red-&-white-clad guys on the bus worrying about what their lives would look like now, how they didn't want to watch regular television, and how long could they live off replays before they had to face their lives again? i wonder if this sort of predicament hits newly married couples. "no more presents to unwrap? shit, now we just live together..."

it looks like my housesitting continues: a friend who lives three doors down from the gnomes is finishing up her thesis and wants to jet off for a number of weeks, it's looking like six of them right now. so that will put me to the end of april. her place is great: witchy, unusual (as in, the stairs to the second floor rise up from the bathroom, and the tub is in the hallway. i love old houses), warm and inviting. i will sincerely love being in the gnomal regions again. walking to work, sleeping with my cat (her cat and my cat actually get along. i'm not sure why, since my cat gets along with no other cats, and her cat is a wild beast that sleeps in bushes), generally being in a neighbourhood where i know people, the graffiti is about art and the trees wear accessories.

i've been unraveling a bit more - in a good way. stretching, exhaling, coming out of the horrible grey shadow i was hiding in. the weather seems to be hovering around the freezing temperature (it's funny how warm it can be even though you can still see your breath and you still wear a scarf. ah, canadian spring). this is really good for my state of mind - i find it hard to love the world when it's painful to go outside. it makes the whole 'universe is a friendly place' theory a bit much to swallow. the queen is home in a couple of days. it will be fascinating to see how we behave toward each other. we've talked a lot in a long-distance capacity.

i've really started to enjoy me-time again. just wandering around, looking at the world, drinking cocoa, exploring possibilities. slowly, drinking in the experience.

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