February 25, 2010

linkland, via deeper understanding of life

do i EVER love this comic. introduced in the previous entry, it has pretty much taken up all my time since then. i did sleep and go to work, so the comic hasn't achieved life-wrecking, obsessional status. in fact, it's like gorging on fruit - the more i click the little 'next' icon (a monkey) the more i breath in life: the loving trials and wise tribulations of unfolding consciousness.

regarding the nature of relationships.

and the simplicity of self-care - how much do we really need? make sure to tend the needs...

what feeds our tendency toward destruction, ultimately self-destruction...

very sweet. along with an epic tea - algonquin's herbal immune booster, creamed with coconut milk and topped with ground ginger and a bit of crushed fennel.

but i would like to exist in other states as well, today. like having a shower, breakfast, a few exertions, some company. so i intend to move on with my day ("Come on, Day, let's go see what else there is!") after just a few more ... clicks.

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