February 22, 2010

great comic, great day

i love webcomics. especially ones created by artists who seem interested in the unfolding of the s/elf. today has brought the discovery of a webcomic, wapsi square, that has been around since 2001, thus reinforcing my feeling that everyone else knows everything online and i wander around in the dark, riding my wee apple like it's a child's pony.

two of my favourite strips thus far (a newly found comic tends to prompt me spending entire days reading from the beginning and drinking tea - laundry, plans and books forgotten, outside world a dream) are here and here. beautiful portrayals of the inner one we rarely let loose, the part of us we're afraid of, the same way we're afraid of people with underdeveloped social skills. we fear being left alone with these people, they scare us with their unknowing, their need. but there is value in these people, these selves.

in other news, the queen phoned me from thailand and it was exquisite to hear his voice. i can still hear it. not saying anything, just sounding in my ear.

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