December 27, 2011


we went too many places, the dumpling has too many toys, there were festivities and visits and even a bit of jesus. we survived. i was so exhausted, i didn't even drink. seriously. i'm so hard done by...

our house is very messy.

i read this amazing post on grief by an amazing woman. i know i am grieving right now. i feel anxious, tired, sad, bloated, beaten and empty. i feel grateful for my home and family. i feel rich and overstimulated. i feel demanded upon and yet satisfied that i am not twenty and seeking.

we got home last night at around midnight, put the dumpling to bed and opened our presents. i forgot that i had put fancy cheese in the queen's stocking and it sat in the living room for two days. at least the cat didn't get it. it's in schrodinger's fridge right now, possibly gone bad. living amongst the other things that have possibly gone bad.

after stockings and scotch, the queen went to bed and i stayed up, until three in the morning, cleaning. i probably got about a third the way through the slog. i spent some of the time mentally posting on this blog. you should've been there - we were laughing and looking at pictures of the spaceship the awesome possums made for the dumpling out of a cardboard box. pictures i might never actually post. supposing i actually take them in the first place.

merry holidays. may you not run out of toilet paper. my god, this is such a north amercian post of privilege.

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