December 2, 2011

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the queen has returned - long live the queen.

it's really nice to have him back, for reasons i will get to in a second. but i have to laugh first, and so can you. ah, dirt.

we went to the queen's family farm to look for a holiday spruce tree, and found a gooder. the queen's parents have a patch of spruce that need thinning, so we gave one a temporary home. i love the smell of spruce. i have never gone tree-hunting before, and it was super fun. the dumpling seemed to enjoy it. of course i wanted all the scraggly peanuts trees, and the queen chopped down one that was too tall for our house. there is probably some good relationship analogy in there... it smells really wonderful in our house. the cat is angry about Change.

it has been lovely to have Da Man back home, especially since it's no longer movember so he shaved it off. whew.

just a dark moment here: how do i cope with all of the terrible things that are going to happen to the dumpling? i mean, i'm not even talking about pedophiles and car accidents and little kids with guns. i'm talking about bullies and puppy love and puberty. she is going to suffer even more than she has this week, with two teeth popping out. i have no idea what to do, and i am desperately going to need to do something. what the hell.

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