December 19, 2011

an entire post about the cat

when i was younger, i wanted to be a cat... to disappear into the tall grasses... to have the ease of jumping, stretching and curling into tiny balls without doing hours of yoga... to be able to sleep for hours, uninterrupted. i mean, is giving up opposable thumbs really such a big deal?

i just looked over at olive. she was stretched out on the rocking chair, which has the coziest light blue acrylic wool blanket on it, and is currently getting a really sweet sunbeam. i told her she was incredibly spoiled, so she jumped down and curled up under the ring of neglect. poor cat, has to sleep on plastic.

she is acclimatizing to being in second place, though appears conspicuously soon after the dumping goes down for a nap (and her per-day nap is down to an average of 1.5) and plays more - is this competitive playing (you want cute? i'll give you cute, cuter than that naked monkey), or are there simply more available toys? who knows.

cats are great incentive for learning to walk. they tease, and the dumpling falls for it, following her around the living room for quite a while. i think it's a good deal for everyone, as the cat gets the attention she appears to desperately crave, the dumpling gets exercise and i don't have to think about what to do next. coming up with new and exciting things to do is a bit exhausting.

oh noes, the cat blog post is being infiltrated by the dumpling. poor cat; she can't even get her own couple of paragraphs.

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