December 7, 2011

dumplings with a side of mustard

am attempting to blog right beside the dumpling, so pray i have luck and patience.

the dumpling has evolved her ability to cast things aside. she throws things away with a royal disregard. right now she has the hiccups and she's playing with giant lego blocks and an old greeting card given to the queen. upon opening, it plays m.c. hammer's "u can't touch this" (no link provided; if you want to listen to it, you're on your own). the dumpling thinks it's the greatest.

it's blowing snow outside in that way that heavily implies hot chocolate. i want to make it to the post office today to mail a letter or two, and other than that my intentions are all household bound; walk-shoveling, bathtub-cleaning, and maybe some kind of crafts. heavy hitter i am!

if you noticed the exclamation mark, i am typing on an early christmas present - the queen bought me a new macbook pro!!! it's soooo lovely, though i do miss my old french-canadian keyboard. but this computer has memory! and the use of the tab key! and fancy new (probably not so new) features like glowy keys. i feel totally spoiled. 11111 (ahhhh).

i want desperately to read something so i can tell you about it. i think i'm going to try a collection of ray bradbury short stories. i need to wake that part of my brain before it atrophies completely. probably right now isn't the best time to test my brain; i couldn't sleep last night. at least i got to listen to the queen talk in his sleep. he was saying something about the cat.

we have some visitors coming for the holiday season! hopefully more than i realize, but definitely pixie from new orleans!!! i am mildly excited, and i know once caffeine starts running through my system, i'll be really stoked. gotta get on that caffeine thing.

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