January 8, 2010

well-worthy rant

emotional abuse: far more prevalent than people think. someone beats you? we all understand how that works. someone belittles you? maybe it's your fault. don't put up with that, you know? stand up for yourself or maybe they're right, says the unspoken majority, complicit in our silence, in our doubt.

people are outing their gay selves, their depressed selves, asexual selves, alternately gendered selves, addicted selves and even their beaten and (more slowly) beating selves. can we now out our manipulative bastard selves? can we confess to telling our significant others that they don't have the same rights as we do? can we admit that we have threatened? and more, can we see how fucking big of a deal it is to try and warp someone's behaviour and self-image to our own desires? there is no right way to use force against another.

can we see the little one inside ourselves, the betrayed one? can we be with this part of ourselves and can we know, know with some degree of certainty gained through serious practice, that we are taking care of that little, defenceless part of ourselves no matter what?

it is not that i will never forget about that tiny, traumatized part of me. it is that i will always remember. no matter what happens, i will remember.

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