January 15, 2010

tiny prattles

finally! peaceful blogging time.

we lost our internet again last week; who knows what happened. sometimes it seems like the 'technology is evil' thing becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. when you're staring tearfully at the stubborn, silent router, pleading with it, who's in charge? (hint: there was no one ever in charge)

fortunately the wife's roommate, hereafter dubbed the queen because of his princely talents (what are you talking about? that totally makes sense), came over and fixed it, and now we're back online. i am not sure what he did, but i suspect it involved tinkering, surgery and conveniently timed lightning bolts.

also, i had the flu. i caught it from batman/batdog, who caught it from one of the two kids who came down with it that wifey looks after. those kids' mom and aunt came down with it as well. wife and i were ill pretty much on the same schedule. that's some highly contagious vomit! i am feeling better today, which means i'm still kinda queasy but it's so much better than yesterday that in a way, i feel fantastic. today i feel grateful for the ability to eat and digest food. also, sit up and bend down without seeing colours and smelling stomach acid. great! now that we've fully decompressed that, on to other things that maybe you'll want to relate to!

after being sent home from work, i went to the gnomes', since two thirds of that house had already graced the throne with their offerings, and the queen pumped my semi-conscious brain with movies whle i held down water but refused to eat anything else. first, wes anderson's stopmotion cartoon "fantastic mr. fox", yes based on roald dahl's storybook. i love how, as an adult, we can deconstruct children's stories. this one seems to me to focus on grassroots activism, with the usual (important) dose of being loved for who you are and valuing the talents that come naturally to you. (thus being more effective at grassroots activism, and not letting your ego fuck it up for the rest of us, right?)

the second movie we watched hit me harder (perhaps i was more awake? oh wait, it was really violent. could be that too). "the cook, the thief, his wife & her lover" brought out a holy fuck reaction in me. not just the cinematography, which is enchanting: the way they play with colours! wow. not just the violence, which takes on a pretty terrible hue (no rape scene, for those equally sensitive, but definitely some other trigger points). not just the ending, which i shall say no more about. something made it dwell in my mind's eye. maybe it was the cinematography. so i looked up the cinematographer, and now want to watch everything he worked on.

since i missed drinking coffee for a day, i decided to renew my efforts to quit. i remember tea becoming exotic and smoky after i gave up coffee before, so i know that reality is possible. today i have the caffeine withdrawal headache, but compared to recent bodily trials, this is light work.

i think this illness makes my thoughts boring, so i am going to go back to reading "player piano". check in another day for more emotional depth.

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