June 30, 2009

the art of buffets

i sometimes find myself creating habits or patterns out of decisions i have made or things i've enjoyed doing, to the detriment of my more current, changing desires. for example, i get excited in the spring about being outside and doing things, so i book up two or three months of activities. when summer hits, i am over-extended and grumpy, so i cancel everything. by mid-august i'm bored. and so on.

extremes are amusing initially (can i survive a week straight of doing this new, fun, possibly immoral act?), but i think balance requires more skill. especially if the ideal is a fine-tuned balance. i suppose life is like that; the conditions under which life sustainably operates seem rather delicate. mind you, since i've read some older and interesting stuff about gaia theory, my definition of life seems to be evolving. but anyway. i guess i can keep in mind that just because i like ice cream a lot doesn't mean i like a lot of ice cream.

balance. that's some esoteric shit. uh huh.

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