June 27, 2009

long live endless days

all awash in celebration, stopping to catch my breath.

summer has the upper hand, and no one minds. camping, festivals and fresh liaisons, staying up far too late dancing; taking chances unheard of in the damp and cautious solitude of winter. the season is plenty and full.

emotionally, this leaves me limp. the flaming lips' song comes to mind; feeling yourself disintegrate. i'm not even sure how i could begin to take stock of the sweeping tide of heart-opening... guests, as rumi calls them: honoured guests. and i a guest-house, each day host to different sensations, observations and reactions.

now entertaining new possibilities, now treading water patiently. here examining wants, needs and leanings. here listening and acting with a motivation and joy not seen in some time. here feeling safe enough to explore new ways of doing things.

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