June 14, 2009

aimless is the way to go

listening to ugly casanova's album and thoroughly enjoying the experience. today in general has been pretty marvelous. woke up. drank coffee, played with other people's children (i especially like the shy ones). napped, then picked up a fellow gnome on the way to a plant sale. two deities we know grow plants in their backyard, amidst their eden. they're fundraising for upcoming nuptials. in fact, that's where i picked up ugly casanova, among other bands. the sweet roommate nabbed a number of electronica discs at the secondhand store recently, so we're awash in tunage. i brought home an amazing tomato plant, too. it gives zebra-ish tomatoes. mmm, stripes taste better. i tried to go downstairs to see what the striped tomato is actually called, but ended up sitting on the lawn with the wifey, eating a cold snack plate.

i have a sincere desire to go get ice cream and potato chips and watch old episodes of m*a*s*h. i think i shall do that. i participated in a meditation class and brief practice yesterday, and noticed a major distraction was the false need to be 'productive'. fortunately, i'm effortlessly racking up the nap points as well. but just to be on the safe side, a night of eighties tv is now scheduled.

hot summer days, love embodied, empty mind. i feel fortunate, yes.

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