August 3, 2008

square one / we

the beginning of anything seems like a dubious place to start. 'i think it's the beginning' translates to 'i call it the beginning' because i just woke up to something: a concept, an experience, a realization. something scrubbed my perspective clean of all the mini-rules set up for optimum survival. 

i find square one a more appropriate moniker for that experience. square one doesn't assume the story starts here. square one is the first square, but not the first of everything. in light of a game of hopscotch, it's where i am when i can breathe most evenly. i feel calmness. equanimity. 
in no state of emergency, square one is a space from which i see clearly. so, being here, i look around. 

we is what i see, and of that, me is what sees. occasionally, i even remember that. 

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