August 17, 2008

myriad thoughts lead to future!

scattered. didn't really have a plan for the day; it came out full. 

urban foraging turned up an apple tree, but not the infamous pear tree. 
my free bicycle (soo cute!) cost $100 in accessories. but i'm safe, the bike is safe, and the basket comes off for convenient shopping. which i used tonight to get ice cream. sj came over, the household sat down for dinner. 

spent afternoon with m&m at the fringe. brunch was nice, but there are too many people in that throng to make easy my passage. i picked up a skirt from elvery, the pockets are big enough to fit a paperback!

artzd n craftzd tonight. interrupted by a drunken messenger bearing bad news. of the hopeless variety. tried damage control, but eventually compassion became pulling the plug. hopefully the messenger will sleep it off. i would really like to hear that again. to make sure. because it sounded like a terminal diagnosis. 

still not sure what to do. decided to eat chocolate and read magazines. read an interesting piece about street art here

now this. what next?

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