May 27, 2012

tough times, still sweet

spent the weekend out at the bus in the woods. even though it was kind of crappy in a way, it still rocked. camping is like that.

the dumpling is cracking out yet another tooth, which makes her very sad and prone to cold or crispy foods. the queen put up the solar panels to charge hank's extra battery, which when we live full-time in hank will power our computers, coffee grinder, etc. yay solar power.

i ate too much watermelon and got indigestion so harsh i vomited several times. eventually, the queen's parents donated some antacids, and fifty minutes later i felt sweet relief. but it parked me for the night, so the queen and chaos had to continue the fire-side party. who knew watermelon could be so perilous?

yeah, chaos came out both nights and slept on the old car seat/bench that is parked out by the fire. he claims the comforts of hank are too strong for his taste; he prefers frost and ash.

i'm hoping my anxiety levels drop somewhat, though i am impressed with my anxious accomplishments: depression is way less productive than anxiety. when i worked for someone else, i was indifferent, but now that i work for the three bees, being too anxious to sit down means i get more sewing done, in a cleaner house, with food cooking - that i don't eat because i feel too stressed out :(

in direct correlation to more stress, i spent the dumpling's nap on saturday reading two thirds of a terrifying book about cougars, which means i spent two hours saturday night being unable to sleep, re-thinking all the stories about dead children. i was hoping the book would be informative, and it was, but the information is terrifying. basically, there is very little preparation one can make. and they are probably in your urban area anyway, especially if you live near a river or some forest. they love your children, and the only thing you can do is be a bigger, meaner cat. good luck with that.

anyway. north country fair is coming up, and i intend to shake it all loose. 

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