May 1, 2012

things that make me happy

it's grey again, but i had my one cup of coffee, and now i'm drinking twig tea. i listened to some nice piano recital music today. some good chopin. patient, happy music. makes the weather its bitch, if you will.

the dumpling says "baby" now, and coos when she sees baby faces in books. she also cheerfully greets her own reflection in things like the dryer and the overflow drain in the bathtub. "hiiii!"

my mom has been spring cleaning out her attic and had a pile of things for me to look through this weekend, including a picture of my childhood cat, my old report cards and my grandma's travel bathroom suitcase (with her initials). what a score... i'm still debating what to do with it; original purpose, sewing case (i sewed last night! also made me very happy!), or one of the many ideas i saw while looking for a picture of a suitcase that most reminded me of my new treasure. it could be a dollhouse, a chair, a cat bed (that the cat would no doubt ignore, so too bad olive)... yay!

yeah, the sewing was good. i mended a shirt of the queen's (i'm going to pile up his mended items and give them to him for his birthday, ha), and made a skirt. i have another skirt pinned to do tonight!

our weekend was good. very full, but some chilling out time in various places with lovely company. we stayed at our friend fieldinbloom's, and i sat in his special chair. he has an extra surface that hangs over his front entry way. it sits just behind the kitchen counter. most people would put plants there, but not our fieldinbloom.

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