May 7, 2012

pretty much a waste of your time

i'm really blogging so that you will go look at this hilarious site. cream cheese as deodorant. thank you. i needed that moment in my day.

the dumpling enjoys her socks. when she sees me bring out the socks, she puts her feet out for me to put them on. she then pulls them off, dangles them over her feet, waits for them to reassemble... today she pulled purple socks off while on the potty, then stuffed them down in there. oh yes. those socks went into the diaper pail.

she spends most of her time sleeping, eating and making waste, and it takes me back, thousands of years, to when that's what most of us did with our days.

no, of course... it's just that we're so busy.

the queen is down south, picking up mr awesome's brother. he's in the province/prairies for a while, visiting family. the boys will likely be out late tonight, and i've got into a nice bottle of the queen's homemade merlot, aged an extra six weeks in an oak cask, then a while on our shelf. the dumpling snores on (not really, but murmurs occasionally. two new teeth coming in). she had a good day; watermelon, walking, wriggling'n'giggling. she has been practicing words, in a gently expressive way that of course warms my heart.

going to go finish re-alpahbetizing the vinyl. go look at that site at the top of the entry. spend too much time there. listen to air while you're doing it. 

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