February 2, 2012

winter? what winter?

hi blog! i've actually been up to stuff!

we spent a lively weekend; at the farm for friday, hosting a lovely bijoux on saturday (i made alfredo sauce from scratch - cream cheese baby. cream cheese...) and went to my very first auction on sunday afternoon!

bijoux's mom runs an antique shop and is an old hand, but i was all excited as a newbie, and bid on the cutest little rocking chair for the dumpling - kind of an easy-glide rocking chair, covered in a dark olive green velour!!! so gnomy. it now seats the dumpling's teddy bears.

our auction experience was complete with western-dressed auctioneers; they were pretty mellow and only talked about four times as fast as i do when i'm excitedly talking to a girlfriend with whom i haven't spoken in months. also, there was a creepy man (balding with long hair and a greasy hat, long beard and a forest-bear demeanour. he wouldn't have been creepy except he was) bidding on old china dolls. when he won one he brought it back to his seat and took its hat off. i thought he would then fondle the doll but he fondled the hat. i know eh? people continue to surprise.

i've been doing yoga in the day. i'm pairing it with an episode of twin peaks so that i don't get caught up in how healthy it all is. seriously; twin peaks. if you haven't yet, please do. singing madmen, dancing dwarves (i mean little people), hilarious early nineties' fashion, soap opera mockery, and david duchovny as a cross-dressing DEA agent. thank you, david lynch. your surrealism cannot be beat.

this all seemed wittier and more exciting in my head, but that's how i roll i guess.

omg did you know national film board of canada shows videos on their website? yay childhood memories revisited!!!

so, a couple of days passed with this blog entry unpublished as i tried to think of something cooler to write. now i'm thinking i'll just publish it. and be lame. thank you, thank you.

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