February 22, 2012

endless noms

what is with this weird global weather, eh? i mean, we've been lucking out over here with the endless almost-spring, but still. bit freaky.

went to the city this weekend, visited the wife in her new abode (i know, i thought she was going to stay in her little back pocket place too, but then she was wooed by a siren with three children and now she lives on the same block as field-in-bloom, and almost directly behind an indian cafe with amazing gluten-free goodies). it was higher on the scale of crazy than previous wifely abodes, but it worked out okay. the dumpling was pretty good, but spoiled. we went out for dinner a couple of times so she got to sit on the floor with my keys and the queen's iphone set to the brian eno app that makes music. she was remarkably well-behaved, but i paid for it today when i wouldn't let her touch my iphone and she actually had a little tantrum. first tantrum. oh the milestones.

i'm getting bored of the food she eats. seriously. i'm nearly at the point of disliking avocado. and she eats way better when she and i share food (but not dishes or spoons, hellz no), but i don't care. fuck lentil soup.

the queen has a toothache. he got it checked out, and it's really expensive work; he doesn't get benefits for two weeks, so it's some crappy waiting. it sucks watching someone you love in pain when you can't fix it. damn it, why am i not a dentist. oh yeah, a million reasons.

i feel sincerely impatient with autocorrect, melting&re-freezing ice, wet pant bottoms, food under the high chair, politicians, making other people food, things that plug in and that annoying cross between a whine and a wail. also, the recycling. it GETS IN MY WAY.

i think my bottom lip is sticking out right now. i'm going to have a glass of wine. it's five o'clock in saskatchewan - mrs awesome should pour herself a drink too.

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