February 24, 2012

baa baa tired sheep

ohmigolly, more me!

well, i wanted to write a real post; not a rant, some wordy weeping, or an exhausted recounting of a crazy weekend (oxford comma BAM). that was supposed to be the previous post, but :(

for days (including right now) the dumpling and i have been listening to this set on vinyl which is totally worth it and sadly sold out. i guess you can order the cds if you're still into those.

i was pondering last night from the depths of my arts & craft room in the basement how much i have, in my life, valued being alone. being by myself, only responsible for myself; oh the joy. hitchhiking alone, quitting jobs and moving, wandering the streets... and now i won't be alone again, really truly alone, for a very long time if ever. and i'm learning how to not be alone. i mean, yeah i'm still alone in my head, but it is not the same. and it's challenging to sacrifice that solo time. i guess there is something to the idea of putting oneself into a foreign territory. the learning can be incredible. realizing how much i can cope... and what i can accomplish. but ugh. sometimes i miss my home of aloneness.

anyway, this is as much depth as you're getting right now.

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