January 29, 2009

band on the run

it's raining. in january. what are we, the west coast?

i like it. it's on the rolling filofax of grateful-fors. along with lotion, making templates, chocolate, cheese on popcorn (smoky cheese curds sprinkled on popcorn, ohhhh my) and that feeling of accomplishment that comes with cleaning all the old stuff out of my shelf in the fridge.

so much more. i'm grateful for scotch whiskey, my family trees, cats, nia, mystery novels, drummers, long lunches, cardigan sweaters, caribou (the band), great online comics, making links, writing letters and putting teabags, stickers and other delights in with the letters before i mail them, cute little stools, embracing abundance, well-written non-fiction and reggae music.

and wow, the beat-boxing flute player! i sure am grateful to that guy for sharing his talents, passions, discipline.

i have been considering my role models lately. all the people i unconsciously took after; teachers, fictional heroines, my parents, my sister. authors, artists, bosses. friends. it's important, i think, to revisit one's old role models to both thank them for helping us through and to let them retire. because as i grow, i know i need to learn different lessons and value systems from different teachers in my life.

anne of green gables doesn't always have the answer. neither does the energy-worker i had a big crush on for years (and learned a lot from. in fact, one might wonder if the crush was an example of unconsciously fulfilling the desire to learn). there's a point where zen masters don't know. but if i tune into what i want to learn and learn it from the people who can best teach me, i'll probably stay engaged enough to keep answering questions. and love what i do.

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