June 28, 2012

and then there was the end of my day

ah, the inevitable low-down. hello, bummedness! it hasn't been long enough.

today i watched miss marple and ate. good food! spinach salad, tomato beef stew with pasta, rice crackers with almond butter and tiny pickles, apples, mandarin oranges, toast with avocado (and toast with cream cheese, and toast with red pepper spread).... and then there were the gluten-free cupcakes - chocolate of course, and the end-of-day snack; a rice bowl with braggs and veggies. cuz, you know. snacks are part of a healthy diet. mmhmm.

it was like i actually grew a hollow leg, which usually only happens to other people. that is seriously three times as much as i tend to eat.

the dumpling ate right alongside me, except, um, the cupcakes. chocolate is so bad, you know. i better eat it all, just to err on the side of cocoa-sated, conscientious parenting.

she doesn't really like raw spinach either. so far, she draws the line right after cucumber, and pretty much before any other vegetable (unless it's cooked). more of a fruit and bacon kind of child, you say? no no no, it's early yet! her predisposition toward lentils and hummous might really take her places!

but yeah, the post-festival low.

i talked to some people, and laughed with the dumpling, and spent time outside. the day passed. i kinda miss... stuff. my old life. decompressing all week long in the city, from the fair, with the other fancy, dancy people. having the time for that. being in the same space as more people i do these kinds of things with.

le sigh. 

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