June 26, 2012

mosquito bites on my sunburn!

listening to the american analog set whilst the dumpling naps.

we got home from a wonderful fair last night, and pretty much slept in the doorway. picking up the dumpling from my parents' was a lovely moment. she had clearly enjoyed herself but still needed to touch us a lot. i told her i concurred completely.

i did accomplish all i set out to do!

- wander off
- get drunk in the middle of the afternoon, then sleep it off and party at night (i did this on the sunday, after completing my volunteer hours)
- rock out volunteering with lockup (schlepping forever! and a day!)
- participate in the informal lost n found of the fair (lost my toque, found a flashlight)
- swim in the river (oh god. really. god. god was the entire river. i found religion and it is the driftpile river.)
- eat smokies and bacon
- eat fresh fruit
- laugh hysterically
- do the stage tour, where i see every band for twenty minutes, and find many good souls along the way
- take care of other people (and then other people took care of me. oh the wonders of it all.)
- wear my faery wings (leading to the stage manager calling me 'wings', which i really enjoyed.)
-wear rubber boots! it finally rained sunday night, so there was mud. i know the dumpling would have rocked it, but i'm sure she rocked the bowls of water my mom set out for her every day. water = best kid toy ever. bowl and spoons are a close second.

the music was, of course, fantastic. fred penner was ill and absent, but the mad bomber society and tzadeka both play a wild live show, and the bits i caught of snfu, flying fox, mike dunn and whoever those guys were who were rocking out the volunteer party were all fabulous. also, the kitchen party looked really hot.

now i am missing the fair. i am not sad yet; aiming for happiness but probably achieving desperation... nonetheless, enjoying myself. desperately.

there were highlights, but they are strange and inexplicable (even i didn't understand what was with all the clubbing). i hope that my peeps got home safe. some i know are still up in the city, and the awesomes might be facing power outages and funnel clouds.

so it goes; onward. enthusiasm flags and is renewed. 

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