July 17, 2012

daily meanderings

hey hey!

we've been experiencing the epic heat wave that's been going around, but we just received 24 hours of sweet, sweet rain. now it's humid again, but my spirits have been lifted.

speaking of lifting spirits, a friend came to visit with her two kids this past weekend and we had tons of fun and some tiredness. her children are 2.5 and 0.9, so there was much peeing and spreading food around the house. in one day, we went to the playground, the grocery store, a restaurant for lunch, the kiddie pool and a four-year-old's birthday party. that's a lot of socializing and public venues. i don't know how the babes slept that night, but i sure passed out (after drinking with my friend until 2am, in the entryway, amidst candles).

the dumpling is super cute. her current favourite game is being chased; i sometimes have to move out of the way as she picks her escape route (which is often under the kitchen table). she's still a sworn scooter, but has allowed us to pry one hand loose from her as she walks, so maybe she's on her way after all. i suspect she will put off walking until one day she sees something totally awesome and my back is turned. so bring on the clowns. (okay, actually no. i mean, if you're a friend of ours and you're a clown, that's great, but don't hire some creeper, okay?)

she has become the ultimate picky toddler eater. i don't even want to get into it, but i will tell you i am desperately trying all the stuff from this dr sears guy. she likes watermelon, bananas, mac n cheese (the organic kind, i swear), cheddar bunnies, and other small animal crackers (fortunately with a bunch of toppings like cream cheese and peanut butter). that's it. she has decided to hate even yogurt and her old favourite, oatmeal. so sad.

anyway, i have nothing much to say but feel as though i've been ignoring you. so here you go. take it easy. 

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  1. Love your description of the Neutrals. I often feel we get disrespected by all parties for our unwillingness to take a side (always THEIR side) and there are times I envy the passion and commitment of those who are determined to make a stand for things both large and small.

    Thanks for the reminder.