June 11, 2012

mondays are always weird

the weekend has been deemed successful.

we spent friday night out at the farm with our sweet lady hank. it rained all night and the sound of rain on a school bus roof is fantastic, let me tell you. so much so, we got a late start to the city, and showed up to the three-year-old's birthday after the clouds had rolled in, so no swimming for the dumpling. she did get to play in the purplesand box though, and probably still has purple sand in several tiny pockets of her invisible filth cloak.

and we got to eat many food items and have a "parents round" of tequila shots at the end :)

the dumpling and i met up with my mom and hung out for a bit, and the queen (who i'm considering re-naming brutus) went to the blues jam, from which he did not really return until the next morning (there were two glimpses of him in the interim, but i am determined to consider those sightings to be holographic images).

i was pretty exhausted saturday night. i'd been staying up late every night this past week working on the spoken word piece for fieldinbloom's album (that will be out on vinyl! but not for like, a year, because the second side is with his new band, so they need to tighten up first). we stayed at fieldinbloom's place and i wanted to hang out, but after a couple of glasses of wine, i followed the dumpling to bed and slept so well, i was up at seven the next morning, all chipper. it was strange.

sunday afternoon i went and did my piece at the studio. they liked it, but i wish my lungs were in better shape. no deep breathing, no yoga, no bike rides makes this mom a weak singer :( oh well. my arms are getting buff.

coming home last night was fabulous. laying on the couch in an old sesame street t-shirt with the queen after the dumpling retired for the evening with her precious blankie... oh my.

today i am enjoying myself, which is harder than it should be, but oh well. hammock, blogging, and listening to SNFU because they are playing the fair in a couple of weeks and it is so much more fun to know the music. i have already completed my daily house tasks, and a curried pumpkin soup is bubbling gently in the slow cooker (parsnips! water chestnuts! coconut milk!).

if you are pissed off at the idea of waiting a year to hear the song i contributed to, i can't share the neat drum beat and cool guitar bits, and i would feel weird sharing field's lyrics, but here's the line of mine he liked the best:

we can't set you free without you

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