April 25, 2012

late night on day nine

i can't sleep, so i guess i'll blog instead. that's a promising start to this entry, which will surely be pithy and grammatically correct.

here, read this entry instead. it's more interesting. or read notes from my friend in jail for not even protesting the g20. the blog belongs to one of her co-accused, but that entry is all hers.

for some reason, i thought the second week of the cleanse/detox would be easier. i mean, i'm past all the physical withdrawal symptoms (which were really just coffee) and i've developed all my interim coping mechanisms (which are really just tea) and i'm over halfway done, so what's the problem? the problem is that coffee is my friend and now i'm lonely. and without a glass or two of wine at the end of the day, i actually have to admit that i get pissed off and crabby about shit.

i journaled a bunch of crabby attitude to get it out. now i have a headache and it's late and i still don't want to go to bed. there are other things going on in my life but i don't feel like blogging them, so now i don't feel honest. some things are too private: either positive or terrifying, they are still in the cocoon, and i don't want to give the butterflies stage fright. not on their first time, you know?

our provincial election sucked, by the way. oh well. i think i'll just sit here in the dark.

if i won the lottery (which i have no tickets for) i would move to the town the awesomes live in. 

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