April 19, 2012

day four

i think i'm past the super cranky detox stage! now into the "are we there yet?" sad sighs. the community bus took us into town this morning, and we had to walk past all the goodies (baddies). so we bought strawberries for the queen and i (and cheddar bunnies for the dumpling). also, detox tea, lemons, broccoli. sigh.

are you aware "they" make rainbow bread? a loaf of bread dyed all the shades of easter, available at the co-op. it's really messed up. "did you get your daily dose of yellow no. 4? try our freshly dyed bread!" creepy.

i had a wonderful dream about ordering a milkshake. in the end, i couldn't get espresso for it, which made me sad. i think i got mango instead. even my dreams are decaffeinated. i distinctly remember wanting three shots of espresso. i could visualize the layers...

the dumpling is getting quite fervent in her pointing, but sometimes i think she just points to get a reaction. either that or she's excited about things i can't see. i suppose that's a reasonable option. current favourite destinations for her crooked little finger include the ceiling fan, the guitar, and our cat, but only when she sits on the fence outside the kitchen window and stares at us. peeping tom cat.

we're contemplating driving up to the city, but i'm sort of bored with the idea. since the wife works weekends, we don't really see her anyway. fate is plotting to fill all of the houses we can stay at with dogs (i'm allergic) and newborn babies. no thanks. there's one friend i should call though. and it would be nice to see her. it's just such a long drive, and it's supposed to be so nice this weekend, who wants to spend it in a car?

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