April 17, 2012

day two

the queen and i are doing a detox. no booze, smoke, coffee, sugar or junk food for the foreseeable future. it's just been a little too fun lately, so we thought we should bring more clean living into our days. we went out last weekend with the queen's brother and bijou to see a "doors" cover band, it was hysterically funny. i can't even get into it. faux morrison was dressed to the nines - leather pants, hair style, etc. but yeah, i got a bit too happy :( i even bailed on the gluten-free and ate pizza! scandal, i know. so no more toxins until i'm happy without them.

the coffee is pretty hard for me. i'm having trouble waking up, and then i'm having trouble falling asleep. last night i was up until four. it was super fun waking up this morning.

the queen got a root canal today too. poor guy. i'll be puréeing his soup this evening. i'm pretty focused on fresh vegetables and herbs for the duration of the cleanse (there's oregano and sage in the soup), but it was snowing AGAIN this morning, and i just had to cook something up. plus potatoes are pretty weird raw. i've done it, but i was hitchhiking. there weren't many options. i stopped at one. raw onion was pretty fun too.

but i digress. not that i have anything to -gress back to. five hours of sleep yay!

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