February 18, 2011

officially a yummy mummy

it has been done.

the little dolphin swam out last friday in the early morning. she's a cutie alright. people say she looks like me; i think the queen was hoping she would look like him. i'm sure she will.

anyway, full birthing story will have to come later - i am exhausted and have stuff to do. this is far more difficult than being pregnant, but i still prefer it. although my body is definitely still in a war zone - ligaments readjusting themselves can really, really suck. like, wake you up in the middle of the night they hurt so much suck. let's not get into the nipples.

worth it? ha! ask me in twenty years. but yeah. it's an experience like nothing else. and then getting this newborn universe on you, with the endorphins rushing like crazy - whew.


  1. Congratulations! Best wishes to you and your little Dolphin

  2. Yay! Well-done! I have been checking your blog constantly for more news. Wow, had no idea about the ligaments readjustments. Very interesting and hope it stops soon.

  3. Eek, I'm excited! Post pictures soon!!