February 8, 2011

dum de dum

ahhh, nothing.

had a glorious visit this weekend from the awesomes. they came through treacherous driving conditions to warm our home. we now have drawings, empty beer cans, memories of the muppets, more cloth diapers and a cute little beer stain on our furniture. alas, no birthing while they were here. i could actually feel my body go "no no, not in front of the company." i wonder if i'll be one of those women who dilate and then recede when the midwives show up or the phone rings.

i am getting antsy, it's true. reading, having a bath, eating supper; it's always on my mind. i stare at the belly sometimes, wondering how big the baby is getting, how much longer until it swims out the birth path and into the same world the rest of us (try to) share. it's hard to focus on anything now; i feel like i'm giving so little of my attention to anything other than whether or not i am facing imminent labour.

anyway, i don't want to tell you about the tv we're watching, the food we're eating or the walks we take, and for me these days, that's sort of all there is. ho hum.

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  1. Have you popped yet?!?! I've been trying to get some time online to check and see and I *need* to know!

    Also, I -finally- got the book I wanted to send you signed, so once I snag a few other things and figure out this whole "shipping to Canada" thing, you'll be getting a box o' stuff.