May 3, 2010

time passes. mixed reactions.

wow, it is may. or so they say. i drink some coffee, miss a wedding. the good witch comes home tomorrow, so i clean the bathroom and sweep the floor, gathering my things from around the house; back to two rooms i go. the bedroom is lovely, but it's the back room with the staircase down to the backyard i love the most. spontaneous german typewriters; who wouldn't love that?

i wonder how the good witch and i will get along, living in the same house. i hope we find a respectful rhythm. previously, it seemed nice but odd. nice because we have harmony and mutual likes, odd because i hadn't been expecting to live here as a roommate, only to housesit. the good witch has been roommateless for some time, and appreciates her space. but she mentioned that she liked the freshness i brought in. so maybe this can work.

i long to get some wool and learn how to crochet. my sweet friend in new orleans sent me a crocheted little hen (at least it looks like a hen to me; belated easter, maybe?) and it looks like fun. plus it will encourage me to someday spin my own wool, like another sweet friend in ontario, previously of new brunswick, does. she has a wheel, she spins wool. then she knits things. i want those kinds of skills.

am i getting old? no doubt! but who doesn't, except for the dead? actually, the dead age. it's called fading. last night i missed my dad.

i would like to keep serving my dream as i age. this dream of living kindly, quietly, musically, with my love. sitting. having babies, goats. making things, making do.

and maybe a room with white furniture when i am "very old"; whence i can emerge outside and sit with the young ones. be their grandma. i will be a wonderful grandma.

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