May 12, 2010


day off. rejoice. do whatever i want:

- sleep in
- start reading margaret atwood's new novel, the year of the flood.
- find forty dollars in my purse which hadn't been there before. think about cream, strawberries, and a bottle of wine. (i just used a comma in the style of university papers; counter to the style of journalism. how exciting!!!! and probably inappropriately formal for a blog!)
- listen to manu dibango
- pick up some groceries, noting to myself that 'tis the season again for running into people i know while walking. three in a twenty minute walk, not counting my favourite low-income paper-seller victor. (he only doesn't count because he's the rain-or-shine type.)
- find a note from the queen - a letter really - and rejoice over it, curling up on my mattress to treasure his sweet words. mmmmm. tasty.
- visit the gnomes, who were making soup
- welcome the queen home; make a great supper of salad, curry and vermicelli noodles
- have a fire in the backyard of the gnome home to welcome all the random folks who come by (including a friend who's been in new york for the last three years)
- drink some wine with friends
- go to bed
- finish this post the next day

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