May 30, 2010

oh this one's exciting. better read this one.

oh yes, long lag, bad me.

worked, went out for the long weekend, met the queen's large irish family, worked through some things that don't matter anymore, failed on a set of responsibilities i had to an event. (much to the surprise of my ego, the event went off rather well anyway. smaller than last year, but also tighter and more fun.)

it was a long week. the week before that one was busy. a busy week followed by a long week sucks ass. so now we're all caught up. i haven't even journalled. the closest i come is staring sideways at the little book, sending it suspicious glances.

today was good. today i slept in, after 'thonning for hours last night. slept in the queen's arms and woke happy. he mentioned this. then when a shadow fell across my face, he questioned the source, and as usual, it was something i remembered needed doing. so i did it, which is a trend i hope to be able to keep going. the alternative is a life of backlogged tasks, which i swear is more deadly than a teenage mugger.

i wish that when i didn't blog, it was because i was doing all kinds of cross-country touring, or climbing mountains. but the best i can manage is hiking around beaver dams for an hour before driving back to the city to make my work shift. which isn't intentional slowness, it's lack of time. at least i am looking forward to the blues musician at the commercial this week. and going to see caribou.

maybe more exciting things do happen in my life, and i just forget them because i only blog every two weeks. who knows.

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