March 15, 2010

from the royal bed; feline update

i have a slight cold, happily stuffing my sinuses, so this entry promises to be even more distracted and abstract than usual. i might even ramble.

i suddenly moved, and am now one third at my friend's house for whom i am house-sitting (but not til the end of march) and two-thirds at the gnome home. i am fully enjoying being in my neighbourhood again; the street of gnomes and cats. c-light's roommate was out playing guitar on her porch with her dog while the queen and i moved my boxes into the new place. the cats were wandering around - a large grey cat named magellan lives across the street and visits all the other cats (and their food bowls). he sits with his tongue hanging out just a touch, and while he isn't a snob, he maintains the indifference that all cats convey with their body language. molly, the cat i will be looking after, was all dirty from sleeping in bushes and rolling around on patches of sunny sidewalk.

olive has been totally seduced by the queen - she lets him rub her belly for long periods of time, purring and stretching her belly open to him, whereas i get to scratch her for maybe three strokes before she rolls away. scandalous. even my cat is in love. she doesn't tend to develop an affinity with anyone i date. i see it as a passing vote when she doesn't leave the room as they enter (that happened multiple times. she tolerated Special Friend the best, only sending him baleful looks. a friend of mine i dated two years ago still talks about how much olive hates him).

i think the queen has some kind of insider info on olive. he calls her olivia, and she likes it.

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